My name is Esther,

I am a person with a love for people and cameras and a passion for storytelling and creative expression. Through photography, I strive to create tangible ways for people to share themselves with the world, and to visually communicate ideas and emotions when words are not enough. A photo is more than light on paper, it is an avenue to and from the soul. I hope to embody this concept through my work and to create something authentic for people to engage with.

“Light itself was your first love; you loved paint only as a means of telling about light.”



Born, raised &

based in Calgary,

I primarily photograph people, events and concerts for editorial, commercial and retail use.

This is my portfolio of work and a creative space for me to see where I have been and figure out where I am going.

Clients I have worked with…

  • RedBull

  • CivicWorks

  • Poshmark Canada

  • Aventa Center of Excellent for Women with Addictions

  • Perspectives YYC

  • Narcity Canada

  • Collective Goods

  • 10x Music & Culture

  • Two Towers

  • GoodTree Christian Fellowship

  • Ellilta Products

  • Ellilta Women at Risk

  • The Calgary Guardian

  • LikeNew Vintage

  • The Secret Shop

  • Facade Lashes